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Taking the Mystery Out of Industrial Hygiene Sampling

Date and Time:
4/11/2018 at 3:00 PM, Duration: 45 Minutes

Airborne toxins present a threat in many workplaces around the country. Smokes, mists, gases, fumes, and vapors all have the potential to expose workers to both acute and chronic health issues. As a safety manager, how do you identify the airborne contaminants your workers are exposed to? How do you know which ones present the greatest health risk? How do you measure the toxins in order to accurately characterize employee exposure? Ultimately, how do you determine if you need to take action to reduce your employees' exposure? You do not need to be a Certified Industrial Hygienist to answer these questions. During this webinar, we will discuss management strategies that a safety professional can use to ensure employees are protected from industrial hygiene hazards.

About the Presenter:
Thomas R. Giffin

Thomas R. Giffin is a Compliance Manager at August Mack Environmental, Inc. in the Indianapolis, Indiana office. He offers industry experience in OSHA compliance including safety auditing, program development, training, and ergonomic assessment, as well as environmental compliance assistance such as SARA 312 (Tier II) reporting. Thomas is a Certified MODAPTS Practitioner, and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from Ball State University. Thomas can be reached at 317.721.0699 or via email at tgiffin@augustmack.com.


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